Diamond Half Eternity Band

Date: 09/11/2018 Category:

Diamond Half Eternity Band with a diamond from an old  family heirloom.

It is always very precious to us when we receive a special piece of jewellery from our relative. This jewellery becomes even more important when it is after our parent or grandparent. 

Unfortunately jewellery  with time can become worn out, metal thinned out or there can be missing stones.
Sheila, approached me to fix an engagement ring that belonged to her mother who passed away recently. It is never easy to say goodbye to someone you loved so much, to your mother. 

I knew straight away that I really want to help her. I suggested to make a half eternity band using gold and a diamond from her mother’s ring. It was a pleasure to work with Sheila, as she knew from the beginning what she wanted.

I have suggested to set a diamond from her mother in a different style than rest of them and to emphasize it in the center. This way we have created very original diamond half eternity band.

Diamonds always “like” to be set in a white gold, which helps stones to sparkle in the fullest of their beauty.  To make a match with Sheila’s rings we agreed to use 18 ct yellow gold for a ring shank. Simplicity of the the design and two colors of gold worked perfectly together and the final result was one of the kind. 

I was really pleased with the final result and was really looking forward to deliver the ring to my customer. Of course I was feeling bit anxious before opening the box before first presentation to Sheila and her family. Her reaction with her eyes full of tears told me the story of thousand words. Seeing her response when looking at this ring for the first time really lifted my spirits. Those moments in my career as a goldsmith just reassures me that all the effort I made in the past to gain my skills are really paying off. 




Thank you Sheila for trusting me with your family heirloom.