Herculean knot inspired engagement ring

Date: 14/08/2018 Category:

Herculean knot has inspired one of mine engagement rings design. At school in Greek mythology we have learned that Hercules was a demigod, known from his super strength and incredible adventures. 

  A 4000 B.C. old knot got its name after the demigod as it represents the strength. Also it was a love charm in ancient world, a symbol of marriage. The knot was ceremonially created during the wedding ceremony between bride and the groom. This custom is the likely origin of the phrase “tying the knot.”

The whole idea behind this design came to me while talking to a lovely couple. They came to me with a hope of creating of an engagement ring using old gold after their grandmothers. They were thrilled to hear that I have made many meaningful rings before using gold after family members. This way created jewellery is even more sentimental to the wearer. 

Future bride to be is half Greek and asked me to incorporate into design some influence from her ancestor country.

Greek mythology is full of symbolism and hidden meanings. I chose Herculean knot but I have created it from myrtle leaves. They are attributes of goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. This way significance of the knot is even deeper, also more pleasing to an eye. Soft shape of myrtle leaves interlocking into a knot creates a double meaning in this special engagement ring. Choice of a blue center stone was obvious for my customer, as she loves Greek aesthetics. Vibrant colour of a blue topaz juxtaposed with white brilliant cut diamonds really compliment each other.   

When the ring has been drawn on paper, then whole construction and proportions almost made themselves. I really enjoyed making this Herculean knot inspired engagement ring. Depth and meaning behind the design will only add to the special love of those two happy people.