Silver miniature cup

Date: 16/05/2018 Category:

Silver miniature cup commission with a special piece of sentimental meaning to the owner.

I had a true pleasure to make a cup in silver but in very miniature size. It was a private commission for a gentleman from Cork city whose name is McCarthy. It is made in Sterling silver from a scratch, the ornaments have been hand engraved and handles are cold fixed to it. I had to make small wooden mandrel to recreate exact shape of the original cup. It took some very accurate measurements and calculations to create the miniature to the scale and proportions of original cup.

 I chose engraving technique to apply on silver cup intricate Celtic knot pattern. Miniatures are often more complicate to make than their big brothers hence I had to think about the way of attaching legs/handles to the body of cup without destroying the pattern. I made by hand tiny silver screws, drilled the cup which gave me a chance to construct sturdy way of fixing legs. 

When miniature of cup was ready I felt very proud and happy to be part of this sentimental project. It was a challenge but those are my favorite thing to make and create in my studio. Then never two days are alike and my brain always stay sharp and creative.

If you are seeking someone who can create original and beautifully commissioned piece for you please get in touch with me and I will do my best to help you.