Ring of five stones representing five siblings

Date: 17/07/2018 Category:

Lovely client Maureen approached me with a request to create a unique ring for her. A ring which is going to represent her and her five siblings. A ring that will become a family heirloom. 

She asked me to design a ring that will have all the birth stones of her and her siblings. Sadly her brother passed away not long time ago and she wanted his birth stone to be very visible.

Every time when I am working on a such special commission I feel honored. I truly appreciate the trust that I have been given to create something unique what matches personal sense of aesthetic, character and a clients budget. 

First I had to identify all birth stones and choose colour range that would match each other. Maureen and I have established that we need two emeralds, one tourmaline, diamond and a pearl. She chose dark colour of pearl as it was representing her deceased brother. 

As everyone knows emeralds are green but not everyone knows that tourmalines are coming in a whole array of different colours. They can be light green, dark green, dark blue, light blue, light or dark pink, clear, brown, bi-colour and in so many hues. After long discussion of choices and probabilities lady decided to stick to green hues, which would correspond with her clothing and rest of her jewellery.

We decided as well to go for a different sizes and shapes of stones to create an original cluster, as original as every family can be. There is a big oval emerald, button dark grey pearl, small round emerald, brilliant cut diamond and princess cut ( square shaped ) tourmaline. The odd cluster has transferred into a really beautiful and original ring made in yellow gold. Personally I think that yellow gold is a perfect match for green stones, especially precious emeralds.

Creating a meaningful family heirloom can be tricky. I can reassure you and support you with my knowledge through whole process. Just like I was there for Maureen.