Violino Brooch

Date: 23/03/2018 Category:

Brooches are making a big come back after years of rejection by younger generations.

Alex, from Alex Thiel Designs, has decided to bring this almost forgotten, yet very attractive piece of jewellery back to your outfits.

Her favourite art period, Art Deco, has influenced many of her designs before, but her love for classical music pushed her to explore familiar to everyone shapes of string instruments and translate them into language of fashion.

Alex has created by hand this dreamlike brooch using only traditional goldmithing techniques, and this resulted in an unusual symphony of craft. Nine carat yellow gold silhouette, violin- or cello- like, with four yellow gold tubes adorned with diamonds are juxtaposed with a simplicity of long channel setting filled with rhodolite garnets. All this follows Art Deco lines.

The shine of precious metal and gemstones is beautifully contrasted with the warmth of red stained wood. Hand fabricated silver double pin catch follows and completes the shape of the brooch. This project unites old style and tradition with a contemporary approach to fashion. The original design and strong colours will make you feel attracted to “Violino” brooch.


photo bv Roland Paschoff