Wedding band pendant to be closer to your beloved

Date: 20/07/2018 Category:

A Wedding Band Pendant has been created by me as a Christmas gift. A gift from a loving daughter to her mother who lost her husband after many year of marriage. 

An old and simple wedding band. A piece of gold. A token of love. But to a  wearer it is so much more than that. There is so many many meanings behind this small circle of love. A life time history, history of a marriage and a family. No words can truly describe what person is feeling when looking at this tiny object.

That is why I felt honored to be trusted with this important wedding band pendant project. When your loved one has left, you naturally still want to feel close to him or her. 

Choosing to transform a wedding band into pendant that can be worn close to the heart is so meaningful. This way every time when you touch your jewellery, you feel closer and connected to your spouse. 

It was a little bit challenging to create a perfect design for an elder person. They have been married since 1960’s.

The design of a wedding band pendant that is attractive to an eye, that matches personal taste and also that fits the budget. I chose to use birth stones of both, a husband and a wife, to personalize even more this special piece of jewellery. Also I have been asked to leave intact engraving inside the wedding band. After consultation with my client we chose small silver tubes in different diameters to create pattern that smoothly goes up. Almost like going to sky, to heaven. Red ruby and blue aquamarine are the stones that represent couple. Combination of colors and metals, warm and cold, are representing perfectly union of husband and wife, male and feminine energy. So different yet perfectly matched. Just like the couple this jewellery represents.

For more info about possibilities of designing your special and unique sentimental jewellery please do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer all the questions you might have.