Weronika’s birthday gift

Date: 21/02/2023 Category:









Weronika had a hand made engagement ring by me almost 10 years ago. During the Covid-19 pandemic her husband approached me via e-mail to design and make a pendant to match her engagement ring. Back then she was expecting their baby number 3 and he wanted to make something special for her birthday.

I was super excited about this project as we all remember during lock-downs and everything that was happening around, we felt down or even depressed. To me it was like a fresh breath of an air and my creativity got boosted too.

Pendant was made in 18 carat white gold with center over one carat oval yellow sapphire, adorned with tapered cut baguette diamonds and a row of small brilliant cut diamonds. Stones were speaking for themselves. They didn’t need anything more, just to hand there all together.