• yellowDiamondnecklace1smalledit

    Weronika’s birthday gift

                    Weronika had a hand made engagement ring by me almost 10...

  • Siobhan's ring

    Siobhan’s Ring Remodelling

      Siobhan came to me with her old very chunky ring made in platinum with four diamonds. Sadly her...

  • Alex-Thiel-Goldsmith-green-sapphire-ring

    Green and white sapphires engagement ring

    Green and white sapphires engagement ring. A little bit of spring on the heart finger. Every time when I...

  • Alex-Thiel-Goldsmith-wedding-band-min

    Platinum and gold wedding ring

    Platinum and gold wedding ring This platinum and gold wedding has a beautiful story behind.  Weddings are always bringing...

  • half-eternity- band-Alex-Thiel-Designs

    Diamond Half Eternity Band

    Diamond Half Eternity Band with a diamond from an old  family heirloom. It is always very precious to us...

  • Herculean-knot-ring-blue-topaz-diamonds7

    Herculean knot inspired engagement ring

    Herculean knot has inspired one of mine engagement rings design. At school in Greek mythology we have learned that...

  • Wedding-band-pendant-Alex-Thiel4

    Wedding band pendant to be closer to your beloved

    A Wedding Band Pendant has been created by me as a Christmas gift. A gift from a loving daughter...

  • emerald cluster ring

    Ring of five stones representing five siblings

    Lovely client Maureen approached me with a request to create a unique ring for her. A ring which is going...

  • Claddagh11

    Claddagh Ring-traditional Irish design translated into modern times

    The Claddagh (Irish: fáinne Chladaigh) ring is probably the most popular Irish ring design known almost in the whole world....

  • McCarthy-s-cup-Alex-Thiel-Goldsmith4

    Silver miniature cup

    Silver miniature cup commission with a special piece of sentimental meaning to the owner. I had a true pleasure...