Alex Thiel Goldsmith and Boudoir photography collaboration


I am so delighted that Alex Thiel Goldsmith could show some of my jewellery in a professional photo shooting taken by Monika Grabowska –

Pictures are feminine and romantic but also sexy with a note of naughtiness.

I believe that kind of photo session would be a fabulous gift to a future bride to be. The best option have your photos taken while wearing jewellery made by Alex Thiel Goldsmith. That would definitely create more unforgettable and striking images.

Imagine yourself being a super model, a diva or a star, just for one day and wearing luxury jewellery made especially for you by Alex Thiel Goldsmith. How special this experience would be…? Commissioned jewellery can be created to match your personality and your style.

And then, in the end you can see the finished product, printed pictures or album full of your extraordinary professional photos.

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