Alex Thiel Goldsmith at Showcase Ireland 2018

Showcase Ireland 2018 has taken place in RDS Dublin on 21st-24th of January.

Alex Thiel Goldsmith presented there two of  her beautiful jewellery collections: Dimples and Attitude.

Her stand F88 was on a balcony, Local Enterprise Office Cork city area. Thiel made straight away statement what kind of jewellery she’s creating by the design of her stand. Beautiful teal/blue color of the walls contrasted with bright orange colour of shelves and decorations indicated that her jewellery is made for strong and bold women with attitude. Plus little geometric ornaments  and details were standing for a precision and a contemporary finish. 

The whole experience of returning to Showcase as one of exhibitors was for Alex a real treat. Meeting new talented designers and of course getting a feedback from visitors and buyers made this event unforgettable. Both collections were welcomed with positive compliments. When the stories behind jewellery ranges have been told everyone could get to know better the brand Alex Thiel Designs and what it is standing for.

Designs of Dimples are based on simple domes of silver arranged in different clusters and layouts. They are adorned with genuine precious gemstones and fresh water pearls. Some of those patterns can look like a sun, star or reversed pyramid but everyone can see in them their own impressions. There is also a strong illusion that there’s more of stones or pearls in pieces due to fine silver finish inside domes. To break monotony Alex also used black oxide finish inside the domes for darker colours lovers.

The Attitude collection had been inspired by women and intricacy of their character. Complex and interesting on the inside, soft and smooth on the outside, yin and yang, represented in internal undulating shapes and oval finish with the final touch of a white pearl, because every woman is precious.


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