Alex Thiel Goldsmith at Irish Designer Sample Sale


Alex Thiel Goldsmith is joining the Irish Designers Sample Sale

#IDSS    20-21.04.18 St Peters Church

It is not long until the amazing Irish Designers Sample Sale is coming to Cork city. Fabulous designers, including Alex Thiel Goldsmith are going to exhibit and sale their unique products at discounted prices.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet makers and brands like Alex Thiel Goldsmith, Manley, Edge Only, Maria Dorai Raj, Jill De Burca, Theo & George, Jokamin, Mairead De Blanca, Mary Callan, L.E.A.F. , Electronic Sheep.

Alex is not going to disappoint with her display of two of her hand crafted jewellery lines Dimples and Attitude. Both lines are contemporary, yet delicate, and adorned with ethically sourced gemstones and pearls. It is super important to Alex’s brand to always use only ethically sourced materials from trusted stone dealers and metal suppliers. Also her packaging is simple and is based on cardboard which can be easily recycled, so it is eco friendly.

Often her commissioned designs are made from recycled gold or silver, or from jewellery that belongs to clients but needs a new life. This way the jewellery that is created has even more sentimental value. For example an engagement ring made from an olde wedding band that used to belong to one of grandparents. 

Thiel is bringing to Irish Designers Sample Sale some of her one off unique jewellery designs, like Violino gold and diamonds brooch, Tulip cocktail ring made in palladium with aquamarine or Laurel butterfly pendant which wings are ornamented with female profiles. Design of her brooch was awarded last year by Royal Dublin Society (RDS) during Craft Awards and it was inspired by her love for classical music and familiar to everyone shapes of string instruments. 


There will be also chance to see some of her older projects which some of them can be bought even with 50% discount. 

If you would like to find out more about Alex, her background and designs you can read all about it in Wednesday’s (18.04.) issue of Evening Echo or in a blog article by Floralesque -






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