Engagement Rings

History of Engagement Rings

Although the ancient Egyptians are sometimes credited with having invented the engagement ring, and the ancient Greeks with having adopted the tradition, the history of the engagement ring can only be reliably traced as far back as ancient Rome. A Roman bride-to-be was given two rings, a gold one which she wore in public, and one made of iron which she wore at home while attending to household duties.

In many countries, engagement rings are placed on the ring finger of the left hand. At one time it was believed that this finger contained a vein that led to the heart.

Modern engagement rings are used as a token of commitment around the world.


Personal Consultation

Begin the process with a consultation and see how I can help you create the perfect engagement ring. We can meet in person, talk via Skype, What’s Up or email.

Designed in Ireland

Be a part of the design process and help to create a unique ring to match your personal requirements and your budget. My goal is to create an excitement of waiting for something good to come.

Created with Care

I will then craft the perfect ring based on the unique design you have helped create. During the process I will be informing you about progress of our project. All materials used by me are ethically sourced.



Buying your Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring for your partner is often a difficult task, especially as your choices can be limited to what jewellery stores stock. When you are looking for a ring as unique and special as the partner you chose you want to be sure you’ve chosen the correct ring.

If you want something more unique, more special, a one of a kind ring then getting a ring designed and crafted to suit your partner is the right choice. With my engagement ring service I design a ring based on a personal consultation, you get to choose the style, the materials and the stone that you really want.

You’ll be able to guide the creation of a truly unique engagement ring through design and crafting until the final piece is complete. I have helped many clients in creating the perfect engagement ring so you can be sure it is truly a one of a kind.

Get in touch for a chat on how I can help you create the perfect engagement ring.