How clean is your ring?

Green Tourmaline white gold ring

Do you wonder sometimes how clean is your ring?


We all wash our hands and bodies. We use sanitizing gels to make sure that they’re clean. Especially during this flu and cold season.

But what about your rings?

I heard some many times from women and men: “I never take off my rings”. That means you work in them, type on computer, go to the gym or exercise, cook, go to the bathroom ad more. Then you touch your face, your loved ones, your children. Many of bacteria and viruses can live on your jewellery without you knowing about it.  

Also hand creams can build up underneath your stone setting or band which can dull your stones and become host of bacteria.

To avoid this problem I highly recommend to visit your local jeweller to clean and polish your jewellery. And when you are constantly wearing your jewellery wear and tear happens. It it good to check claws that holding your gemstones, to make sure you won’t loose your gems. 




Believe me, when this happens it might bring tears with it, as most of the time our jewellery has really high sentimental value to us. What is more, cost of missing diamond replacement can be painfully expensive.

Talk to me, Alex Thiel Goldsmith, about how can I help you with your heirlooms.


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