New Logo for Alex Thiel Designs


Alex Thiel is changing logo to diamond shape which is inspired by Ace of Diamonds with influence of Art Deco. 

As we all know Ace is the highest card in whole deck of playing cards, it stands for leadership and prestige. Ace is also associated with a quality, it stands for number one, even perfection. Those are messages that Alex wants to convey to her clients through her designs and level of her goldsmith skills. She wants her logo being identified with high standards, great value and impeccable customer service.

Colours used in logo design have been chosen carefully as well. Very dark grey, almost black, is elegant and strong, yet not overpowering. Teal colour represents Alex, her surname is pronounced this same way as that beautiful colour. It is feminine, can be bold and can come in all variations, from light to dark, from cold to warm shades, from greens to blues. It can change and evolve just like women’s character and their appearance .

Alex is looking forward to start new year with her new logo.



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