Sapphire 3 dimples silver earrings

Sapphire 3 dimples silver earrings


Sapphire 3 dimples silver earrings will definitely make you feel special.

Whenever you have them on, they will make you feel special. As special as precious sapphires which are set in the center of earrings.

Precious and colourful gems have a big come back in the fashion.

You are always stylish while wearing them, no matter is it the day or the evening. Even the most monochrome outfit can be brightened up by adding a dash of colour coming from your jewellery.

When you meet someone for the first time. How often you remembered someone’s jewellery, not only their name?  

Sapphire is birthstone of September. It is most precious and valued colored gemstone. It comes in many colours and hues but the most recognizable and valued are royal blue sapphires. Blue sapphire is considered as a stone of mental focus and order. Some people believe it helps to open third eye to receive wisdom and even to have healing properties. 

Sapphires are mined in many countries all over the world. Just to name few: Australia, Afghanistan, India, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Colombia and many more.

Designed and handmade with love in Cork city, Ireland. 

Photo by Caoimhe Heaney Photography


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