Sapphire trio ring

Sapphire trio ring has been hand created. The passion and love united in classic design.

Center oval blue sapphire had been delivered by customer. However, brilliant cut white sapphires were provided by Alex Thiel Goldsmith.

The idea behind this ring was to create new family tradition, a family legacy. To have something to pass on to the next generation. How wonderful does it feel to say this ring belonged to my grandmother. Or how meaningful is to propose with a ring that was in the family through generations.

Hand made rings by Alex are created to last for generations. Jewellery that is pass on from generation to generation carries positive energy, a legacy that a family member can be proud of.

Center blue sapphire was brought from Thailand by the customer. It has a wonderful light blue colours with amazing inner fire. Two brilliant cut white sapphires are in size 3 mm each, about 0.1 ct each. All the stones are set in 9 ct white gold. This alloy is great for everyday use, as it is durable and precious at this same time. 

Whenever you are considering creating something special to your loved one. It is important to think about the meaning behind it. Hand made jewellery that has been commissioned carries amazing positive energy, an intention. It carries love.


Alex Thiel Goldsmith is Connecting Generations Legacy. 


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