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Are you looking for engagement rings Cork, Ireland or anywhere in the world?

There is always that one and most important piece of jewellery every woman is holding in her dreams. To many ladies it is the perfect engagement ring. The possibilities of designs are at least as many as women in the world. But there is no doubt that it has to be as perfect for her as possible.

That’s why Alex Thiel Goldsmith puts a huge focus on engagement rings. It is my favorite project to work on. All of them are hand made and individually designed and crafted for each customer.

When someone is approaching me about a custom made engagement ring, I spend most of my time dedicated to research and design before beginning the crafting process. I’m asking future fiancées about thier chosen partners preference in style, design, colours, metals, stones, ring size and more. Often I encourage them to involve others in the design process. partner’s family and friends.

When I have access to all of this information I’m starting my research. I look into books, magazines, albums, online, from art to architecture as well as nature. It’s all based on the preferences of the customer I am designing for. I am thinking about beauty and functionality becoming intertwined.

In this project below, the fiancée and girl’s three sisters were involved. I loved that she is a very optimistic and original girl who didn’t want only diamonds, which gave me more options. Having a coloured gemstone in an engagement ring makes it even more unique and personal. That’s why I suggested a yellow sapphire to emphasize the character of the lady who was getting it. Two brilliant cut and tapered diamonds added more light to a ring and made colour even more vivid.

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